søndag 15. januar 2017

onsdag 29. juni 2016

Heavy's Breakfast Machine (wip)

(I couldn't help it, this song has been in my playlist since the dinosaur age - nagging me to do something to it).
Breakfast Machine by Danny Elfman
Heavy's Breakfast Machine remix by Nobuyukinyuu
Made with Source Filmmaker

søndag 27. desember 2015

Radical Signatures 2009

Back in 2009 I entered a Crash art contest and won. Along with amazing prizes, I also got this awesome bunch of comments and signatures by the Radical staff at the time. Brando had this epic drawing put onto it, and for years I was unsure if I should share this. Your drawing has talked me into it, Brando. You guys are awesome and cheers to Crash Mania for featuring the art contest back then. (Also, thanks Bob).

Here's a "dusty" picture of the cardboard crate that was sent.

Parkour Escape first pass

I was directing and a 2D/3D generalist on this experimental game project. It was tough, but I'm proud of the team for sticking to it 'till the end.